I work with all my customer throughout the entire design & development process to ensure you're completely satisfied with the final website.

Initial Meeting!

We sit down & discuss the look & feel of the overall website (colors, fonts, layout, etc.), the pages you will need, the functionality you will need, your target audience & your competitors. We will look over your current website to see what isn't working & how we could improve it. I will collect your logo & any photos to be used at this point.


I create custom & professional design samples using the information collected, your logo, colors, etc. If I am designing you a logo, it will also be done in this step. I will send you the samples for review. I will revise the design as needed. Once the you have approved the website design, I then begin developing the website code to make your website a reality.


In this step, I write the code to make your website look & feel & function as we discussed. I will give you a link to the website to follow the development process. If you during this process that modifications need to be made, just let me know. I may come up with suggestions, during this process, to enhance your website. If you have any suggestions, feel free to contact me as well.


I test your websites on different browsers to ensure your website is running properly. I will ensure all metatags are in order as well as submitting your website & a site map to the search engines to make sure they can find your website. Make any last minute modifications.

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